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Tutukaka Coast - New Zealand

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Grant Tromp formed Universal Records in 1990. UR was set up as a music developement company with its aim to find , develop, record, release and promote original artists and their music including our own music.

An interesting note on the date of 1990. At the time UR was set up Universal Music Group was non existant in NZ and had no representation. Today the two companies co-exist.

As a musician and company director I gained a clear balance and understanding between the business world and the artistic world. Often the two collide and promising artists end up on the scrap heap and companies lose future great artists.

Over the past 22 years I have worked with a great many artists and bands in NZ and Australia and continue today to remain passionate towards making music with and for artists.

Universal Records now resident in Tutukaka Northland NZ, is directing its energy into the many talented tapped and untapped musicians/artists that dwell in the amazing fabric of this inspirational region.

We have set up a recording studio again to develop vocal and recording abilities for youth.

The studio is equipped with Pro tools and offers excellent quality sound recording coupled with coaching, support mentoring and inspiration to new and old commers to the recording process.

Brigitte Legendre offers sound recording of the sessions as well as song writing and guitar lessons.

Grant is also available for drum lessons.

Brigitte & Grant's other passions

Learn French - Learn guitar - Learn drums - Learn how to skate and Fitness workout skating - Record a song - Learn how to drive -Get your own private music room -

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