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Th' BomB club
for Intermediate / High schools
Duration: 3 school terms
3pm to 5pm
Cost per participant: $15 (min 10 participants)

Open to all students interested in Music and the performing Arts: these include-singing, song writing, playing instruments, sound production, sound engineering / live and studio, composing, video directing, video editing ,set design, choreography, dance, scripting, photography, art and CD sleeve cover design, website design, artist/show management, show promoter.
(Group projects: these roles can be filled by a group of students as a school music production).

TERM 2 Start of the program
Introduction to song writing
- Understanding the process of writing lyrics
- Words to express a story
- rhymes and syllables to fit song meter
- phrasing of words across a melody

Creating melodies
- Melodies in relation to chords
- melodies to evoke emotion i.e. joyful, melancholic

Song structure
- Intro
- Verse
- Pre chorus
- Chorus
- Bridge
- Outro
- Hooks

Completing a song
Melody + lyrics = song writing completed ready for arrangement and production

Music reference
Studying existing popular songs to guide choice of:
- Music style and genre
- Rhythm and tempo
- Mood and feel

Music arrangement
- Choice of instruments
- How each instrument interacts with each other
- How each instrument layers a song
- How instruments lead a song

Music production
- Producing a complete music work piece:
- Choice and practice of tracks to be recorded (home practice required)
- Start of recording process (guide tracks)

Music promotion/Website
- Photos / video and write copy for website
- Promote / publicise

Term 4
- Basics of sound recording/engineering
- Microphone techniques for vocals and instruments
- Recording all instruments
- Recording lead vocal and backing vocals
- Mixing tracks

Producing a video clip for the song:
- Script writing
- Performing for camera
- Camera operation
- Editing footage to music
- Video online/youtube etc

Live performance
- Rehearse performance of song as recorded
- Perform live at the ‘end of the year school’ production
- Produce CD and DVD of production/performance for Parents.

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