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Workshop 1
Duration: 1 day workshop spread over 3x2hr sessions
9am–4pm includes 2x 30min breaks.
Cost per participant: $15 (min 20 participants)

Working out what the young people want to do with their time in life can be exciting and confusing. One of the surest places to start is to take a look at what it is they do naturally. Chances are the things they are naturally good at are going to be the things that they are most comfortable and happy doing. Chances also are that these things will be what they are most comfortable and happy doing as a job. People that do the things they naturally love to do as a job do not call it work, but it is how they earn their money. Most working days for them are fun filled with creativity because they love what they do.

Session 1 (2hr):
Write a song based on the verse -chorus- bridge structure
3 questions are asked of about
• Natural talent
• Potential working talents
• Talent best placed in community
The results of these questions are combined into a collective song writing exercise which involves basic literacy and numeracy skills. Participants complete a fully written song structure which will include in the lyrics, all of the chosen talents of each student formed into one song.
As part of the workshop each participant is given a production quality NZ music cd to listen to, critique, gain ideas, view art and logo layout and basic music biz symbols. This cd is for students to take away for home study and is complimentary.

Session 2 (2hr)
The avenues available to creating a career within the music industry
Confidence Building
• Recognising your place in the world of music, art and entertainment
• Realising your place and input towards the community and country's needs
• Becoming aware of the diversity of professions within the music industry ie: musician-singer-songwriter- composer-recording engineer- set builder-camera operator-session musician-producer-manager-publicist-journalist-photographer-carpenter-video director-script writer-film editor- studio owner-truck driver and many more.

Session 3 (2hr):
• Basics of a band: members, management, agent, record co’s.
• Song writing: original music-lyrics-backing tracks- radio tracks
• Sound engineering: understanding its functions, basics of studio recording, preparation before studio
• Preparation for playing live
Marketing and Promotion
• Do it yourself: local/mechanical
• Do it on line: affiliation with organizations
• Copyright

Workshop 2
Duration: 1 day workshop spread over 3x2 hour sessions
9am – 4pm includes 2x 30min breaks.

Cost per participant: $30 (min20 participants)

Description: in this workshop we will produce the collective original music melodies of the participants and blend it with the lyrics of session 1 to form a complete song ie: music and lyrics. Open debates on melody verses lyrics first. A demo of the recorded sound will be given to each participant on a complimentary usb stick.

Workshop 3
Duration: 2 day workshop spread over 3x2 hour sessions daily
9am – 4pm includes 2x 30min breaks.
Cost per participant: $60 (
min20 participants)

Description: the setting up of a mobile recording studio on-site to produce a music track to be recorded live. The music track will be an original composition created by the group.
If the track is radio friendly, a ‘get it played on local radio’ attitude would be adopted and a possible live performance of the song could be performed in a local venue.
This would give the writers and players the opportunity to apply for membership to APRA (Australasian Performer’s Rights Association), agency set up to collect royalties for the public use of members original works.
Session 1
Instrumentation: instruments to be included in the recording
Session 2
Rehearsal of individual parts
Session 3
Recording of finished tracks
Video cameras will be set up to film participants’ performance while recording.
This is a valuable tool for performance development.
Audio and video files will be stored on usb sticks.

Workshop 4

The get out of town experience is an excursion to Auckland to visit a commercial recording studio, a film production facility and a concert venue. The focus is on broadening horizons and experiencing the great working environments outside of our region. The group will meet personnel and get a first hand look at these facilities at work and how they operate.
The trip will be by coach/bus for BOMB participants who have completed any one of th’ BOMB workshops. Arrangements ,fees and venues to be chosen around venue performance schedules TBC.

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