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Playing Strangers is a collaboration of artists from various countries residing in Northland, New Zealand. Singing is shared between band members so the voice serves the song instead of the other way around.

Current lineup includes 3 ladies and 3 men: Singer Shana Gordon, Brigitte Legendre on bass, Juliet O'Garra on violin, singer Ezra Van Rijswijk on piano from time to time, Grant Tromp on drums and Farine de Ble d'Chacal on guitar.

Their music is best described as "positively melancholic melodic rock with a strong infusion of meaningful lyrics"

July 2015

The video is out. Hope it touches the people who get to see it.

Since the message of this song is very important to me, I translated the song into French and had 2 bilingual children singing it. They did a really nice job. This is the French version and the video.

June 2015

Great & Small, 3rd song of the album is out. If I was only going to write one song in my life, it would be this one. I mean every word. This song is also a fundraiser for SAFE Animal Advocacy. By spending a buck on this song, you are contributing to help animals.

Available now on iTunes

May 2015

Video for Mexican Sleepers is out! We are stocked, so many great feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know you loved it, it means the world :)

April 2015

MEXICAN SLEEPERS is finished and out of our hands. Listen to it here or go to and type Playing Strangers and you will get to listen not only to us but various well known artists we are associated with. It's also on ITunes and other stores. Started to work on the video, can't wait to complete it!

March 2015

Sleepers is nearly finished. Everything has been recorded, a few more hours mixing and it will be ready to become its own entity.This is the album cover for the song. At the same time, we are recording the 3rd song of the album, Great & Small, more about it later.

Available on iTunes

February 2015

PS is hitting the studio. Time to record some of the tracks that we've been playing live for a few months now. Starting with Sleepers, our Mexicano song with Ezra on vocals.

Summer 2014/2015

PS are playing at Oceans at the Tutukaka Marina every Friday of the summer holiday.

Chill out in a welcoming garden bar while enjoying live music of local and not so local artists, it is a great place to be on Friday night.

They kicked off their 1st performance on the 28th of November and start the summer series every Friday before Xmas until the 23rd of January from 6pm.

We will have various acts over the weeks for your entertainment. If you would like to perform a few songs or play with Playing Strangers let us know which Friday you'd like.

This year, we will be starting at 6pm for those who enjoy an early evening chill but will keep the band hot for those who prefer to come out later.

Winter 2014

PS are playing for 6 months, once a month at the Tikipunga Tavern in Whangarei with 2 different acts each time.

Friday 21 March - 18 April - 16 May - 13 June - 11 July - 1st August from 7pm

Current line-up

Ezra Vanrijswijk (vocals, keys)
Shana Gordon (vocals)
Brigitte Legendre (bass, vocals)
Grant Tromp (drums)
Rutger de Rudder (sax, flute)
Juliet O'Garra (violin)
Farine de Froment (guitar)

Brigitte Legendre - Shana Gordon - Grant Tromp - Ezra Vanrijiswijk - Rutger de Rigger- Farine de Ble de Chacal