Rocks n Flowers is a collaboration of 2 rocks and 2 flowers growing their original songs in Northland, New Zealand.

Llineup includes: Singer Nic Rees, Brigitte Legendre on guitar and bass, Grant Tromp on drums and Richard Hawkins
on lead guitar.
Their music is best described as "positively melancholic melodic rock with meaningful lyrics"

This is RnF's journal, from bottom up, a diary of their journey up to this point in time.

Nic Reese(vocals)
Brigitte Legendre (guitar, bass, vocals)
Richard Hawkins (guitar, bass, vocals)
Grant Trom (drums)

Nic Reese -Grant Tromp- Richard Hawkins - Brigitte Legendre

April 2019
"Thunder" is finished. We love it! Listen to it there.
Will be on Spotify and other stores in May.

March 2019
Starting a new series of 12 each of them starting with each letter of Rocks n Flowers. March is R for Rock. This was
an awesome gig with a great turnout, a mix of new people and our local favourite fans. We have written a couple of
new songs that we will be working on and hopefully play at the April's gig.

February 2019

Feb is the band's 1st birthday. One year of growing friendship and creativity. Played the 12th monthly gig to a very nice
crowd and enjoyed every second of it. This year, we will be writing some more as a band. We just started on a new one.

December 2018

RnF is having a 5 weeks break playing live and is hitting the studio instead, starting with the new song they wrote
together a few months back. Tracked it quite quickly but lots of work has to be done in the box. Playing it live
has helped creating a direction for what they wanted to hear. Chris, the sound engineer, did a little production
work on it and added touches that will give a fresh direction to live playing. Spent countless hours editing and mixing
Time for a break,
let's go surfing!

New year 2019

RnF finished the year with their own bang, playing and dancing to welcome 2019. New Zealand always the 1st one
welcoming each new year!

November 2018

Sometimes, you have to do things the wrong way around twice ;) Having another film maker in house again, it would
be a crime not to shoot something again. Decided to shoot the footage for "Nothing to preach" before recording it.


October 2018

Sometimes, you have to do things the wrong way around. Having a film maker in house for a while, it would be a
crime not to shoot something other than gigs. Decided to shoot the footage for "Thunder" before recording the song itself.

September 2018

RnF has enlisted the service of a passionate sound engineer for their live gigs. Ric has brought a new dimension to the
band's sound. Don't have a photo of him, but this is a thank you pic for him.


August 2018

RnF wrote their 1st song together as a band. Brigitte came up with the music, Nic with the lyrics, Richard with a cool
bass line and Grant is strong tribal beat. It's called Thunder. Let's see how it develops over the next few months.

July 2018

Hibernating by the fire, love creating music in winter. Gig number 5, finetuning and still experimenting with who plays
what and how to make each song better and better.

May 2018

Rocks n Flowers keep on rocking on every month at sunset, perfecting the songs they started with and adding
new onws to their repertoire. They now have 20 songs to play with cool variations, since each one reflects the
style of their respective writers.

March 2018

Rocks n Flowers kicked off their 1st performance on the 30th of March in a venue like no other, their home base in
Tutukaka, starting at sunset, as it is the last place to lose the sun each evening. They gave themselves the challenge
of a year of monthly home concerts for them to fine tune their original music.

February 2018

Music is growing and developing, been exploring each other's songs and see what each can bring to the table to
enhance those pretty melodies and meaningful or quirky lyrics.

December 2018

The flowers meet another flower, Kat and invited her to join the band, adding her creativity to the mix. It is when
Grant (drummer aka name finder extraordinaire) proposes to call it Rock n Flowers. No objection, everyone loves it.

November 2017

2 rocks and 2 flowers decide to collaborate and mix their sounds. They get to know each other musically. The chemistry
is there, the creativity is there, the complimentary skills are there. Feels good :)