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RockStar Recording session

Discount applies for groups)
Backing track of your choice and lyrics sheet plus recording session on professional equipment with friendly sound engineer. Please bring a USB stick, we will put your songs and backing tracks on it.
$90 (90min session including mixing and formating)

2 adults - 2 children or 1 adult - 3 children
Choose 1 song you all agree on and bring your individual talents to the performance. Each of you, depending on abilities and confidence can be the lead singer and backing vocalist. Put your personal touch, sing it, scream it or talk it, whatever works for you. We will mix 2-4 individual tracks for you to take home.

2 hours - 3-4 participants (2 to 4pm) - $160

Wedding song
Imagine... as you begin your bridal march towards your groom, through the sound system is playing a beautiful love song featuring yourself (either bride or groom) as the lead singer. What a special and memorable moment to cherish for years to come not to mention the delightful surprise for your guests.

This recording needs to be as perfect as possible. We need to spend time recording takes and editing for the best possible result.
Please bring a USB stick, we will put your songs and backing tracks on it.
$150 (up to 4hrs session including mixing and formating

Original music
You write all these beautiful songs but the whole world can't hear them because they haven't been recorded properly. Change this and get yourself out there with your own compositions. We can also help with producing a video. Record your instrument first followed by your lead vocals and backing vocals. You can add up to 24 tracks.
$40p/hr - Count 30min to 2hrs of mixing and formating depending on complexity and number of tracks.

Kids can record too
Birthday gift for your child as a one off recording of singing or instruments. Regular recording sessions to improve singing and playing ability. More on Kids recording here.


I was very nervous. I had never recorded a song before but Brigitte made me feel comfortable right from the start and amazingly enough, it was very easy. My friends all thought my singing was great.
Kate, 16yrs, Orewa

I got a voucher for recording 3 people for my birthday. My 2 best friends and I had soooo much fun. We had someone filming us too and we sang and danced and laughed A LOT. Thank you sooo much for a great time.
Julia, 23yrs, Auckland

There was not a dry eye among my family members when I was marching to the sound of "My life will go on" and they realised I was the singer. I did take the liberty of changing a few words, I'm sure Celine Dion won't mind.
Sabrina, 34yrs, Auckland

My wife got me a recording voucher for Christmas. I think she was trying to make me realise that I was not quite ready for NZ idol. But as it turns out with a bit of help and tweeking, she was very impressed by my rendition of "I'm a believer"
Stephen, 52yrs, Albany


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Perfect for Weddings, Hen's parties, Birthday, Christmas, Corporate rewards.

This professional recording experience is the ultimate gift for singers of every standard!

The perfect memento to treasure forever!

Prices and packages apply to recording cover versions.. Original music recording (instruments and vocals) are charged on the minimum basis of $45p/h +gst.

ROCKSTAR specialises in recording enthusiast amateurs. You don't have to be a great singer, you just need to love singing.

Points to remember

Make sure you know your chosen song well before the day.

SING SING and sing some more…

You may want to rehearse with a friend. You can split the parts of the song up (i.e. alternate verse/chorus betwwen you) or you can harmonize with each other, even better…

Don’t worry, you don't have to get it right the first time. We will record your rehearsal tracks and you can listen to them before the real take.

Having said all that, you don't have to be Maria Carey to have fun recording. Not singing very well sometimes is even more fun!

As musicians, we understand how intimidating recording can be but we can assure you that we will put you at ease in a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Motel 5min walk from the studio
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Tutukaka Coast.

See this youtube video for singing tips: Singing Lessons For Beginners - 8 Important Tips To Sing Better Fast